10 Truly Hateful Movie Characters Who Made Your Skin Crawl

10. Eli Sunday (There Will Be Blood)

To be in the presence of Paul Dano's pasty, sickly pastor Eli Sunday is akin to hearing several long, sharp fingernails being drawn loudly and slowly across a big, rusty blackboard. Whilst the burly, scoffing protagonist of There Will Be Blood, Daniel Plainview, is no admirable saint, Dano's clergyman in Paul Thomas Anderson's invigorating drama is someone who Jesus himself would find difficult to like. Sunday represents a curious cross between a petulant, nagging child and a patronising preacher with a delusional sense of grandeur. For all the selfishness of Plainview, you can't help but share the man's anger during the scene where Sunday actively humiliates him as part of a church service. Dano does terrifically in portraying a man so repulsive that we simply can't stand him. He uses religion as a mask for his greed, and does so in a sallow, pallid manner that makes you want to squirm in your seat.

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