10 Truly Hateful Movie Characters Who Made Your Skin Crawl

9. The Lieutenant (Bad Lieutenant)

Director Abel Ferrara tells us all we need to know about the lead character in Bad Lieutenant by not giving him a name - the guy doesn't deserve one. A thoroughly despicable individual, this lieutenant - played in a courageously bold fashion by Harvey Keitel - is quite unlike any police officer you've seen before, and two hours in his company is enough to make you lose faith in the entire police system altogether. What makes the eponymous lieutenant quite so 'bad' is the way in which he unreservedly embraces his dark desires and evil demons. He snorts drugs, guzzles booze, and abuses his power to the point where the film becomes so harrowing it's difficult to watch. Abel Ferrara is no stranger to portraits of deeply disturbed men, but even his murderous psychopath in Driller Killer would find Keitel's bad lieutenant a jaw-droppingly sickening individual.

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