10 Truly Insane Movie Sequels That Are In The Works

A direct sequel to Face/Off is coming. Praise be.

middle aged face off

There's no denying that sequels are the lifeblood that keep the lights on in Hollywood, because why bother coming up with new ideas when you can just recycle the old ones for another go-around?

Not all sequels are created equal of course, and while many movies invite natural follow-ups we all expect to see, there are those most bizarre sequels which get announced seemingly out of nowhere.

These 10 movie sequels, whether in the earliest stages of production or already in the can, represent some of the film industry's most insane current bet-hedging.

From sequels that deviate far from the series' original genre to those that are being assembled literally decades after the fact, each will be delivered to audiences with a side-order of insane ambition.

Who can say whether these films will turn out well or not, but the mere fact they're happening at all is a testament to the barmy dice rolls that take place in Hollywood on a daily basis.

Sequels may often be seen as a sign of creative stagnation, but these films just might be strange enough to justify their existence...

10. A Horror-Themed Bring It On Sequel - Bring It On: Halloween

middle aged face off
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2000's hit cheerleading comedy Bring It On has spawned an unlikely franchise of five straight-to-video sequels starring none of the original cast, but the upcoming seventh film is aiming to spin the series off in a wildly radical direction.

It was recently confirmed that a horror-themed follow-up, Bring It On: Halloween, is in development for Syfy, and will revolve around a squad of cheerleaders who sneak into a school gym after-hours to practice, only to find themselves picked off by a masked killer.

If nothing else this deranged swerve for the series might actually get people watching a Bring It On sequel, which will hopefully deliver lashings of gore and a fleet of lithe cheerleaders teaming up to acrobatically bring down their assailant.

Hell, if it's a hit for Syfy don't be shocked if they parlay it into an annual franchise, effectively making it their new Sharknado. Gotta fill the programming hours somehow, right?

No cast or crew announcements have been made yet, but Bring It On: Halloween is expected to bow during Halloween 2022.


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