10 Truly Insane Movie Sequels That Are In The Works

9. A Jared Leto-Starring Tron Threequel - Tron: Ares

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Warner Bros.

The big-screen future of the Tron franchise has been in doubt ever since Tron: Legacy underperformed at the box office back in 2010, with the last decade seeing Disney flip-flop numerous times on greenlighting the sequel.

Well, it actually seems like Tron 3 might finally go ahead this time, albeit with some peculiar qualifiers.

Last summer, Disney stated that Tron: Ares was officially in development, with long-standing rumours about Jared Leto's involvement as a new protagonist also confirmed. For an IP Disney will be likely hoping to resurrect as a family-friendly sci-fi adventure franchise, Leto is a truly bizarre pick.

It still remains unclear, however, if any of Legacy's primary cast members - namely Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, or Olivia Wilde - will return in any capacity.

Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has meanwhile been switched out for the also-odd choice of Garth Davis (Lion) who hasn't ever directed an effects-heavy film before, and the script will be penned by Jesse Wigutow, who hasn't got a single significant theatrical film credit to his name.

Leto started training for the role late last year, so it's fair to say that production could begin before the end of 2021.

Rumours persist that Disney may be looking to release the film directly to Disney+, though given the lavish budget required for a live-action Tron film, that seems rather unlikely.


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