10 Excrutiatingly Awful Movie Posters

3. The Accidental Husband

There's the creepy-ass look on Jeffrey Dean Morgan's face, the fact that Colin Firth is clearly eyeing up someone else across the room, or the horrendously Photoshopped hands holding flowers which, of course, have been copy and pasted in themselves and then one has been flipped so that they don't look exactly identical. Take your pick for what truly ruins this poster, but the tag-line, with its ludicrously unnecessary exclamation point, also smacks of desperation, as if saying "Despite this crappy shop job, you'll like it, really". But going by its critical response, you probably won't (or didn't, if you're unlucky enough). What's most disturbing, though, is that the entire film's marketing campaign couldn't seem to get Colin Firth's hands right - take a look below: How difficult is to insert a picture of Colin Firth holding his hands out and not screw it up? It's all the more disconcerting given that this doesn't seem to be a Paul Walker head transplant situation, so why have they made it look like he has Elephantitis?
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