10 Truly Unique Sci-Fi Movie Fight Scenes

9. Slo-Mo - Dredd

Mad Max Furiosa
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The 2012 reboot of the cult comic was a critical success but did not fare well with audiences during its initial release. Since then, however, it has gone on to find favour with audiences who appreciated its adherence to the source material compared to the original Sly Stallone adaptation.

The film's action is incredibly brutal, and has the same mean streak found in the comics - meaning that no character is spared from being on the giving and receiving ends of violent and often cringe-inducing kills.

While it does not follow the rules of a traditional fight, the scene gives us a peek into the characters of Dredd and rookie Judge Anderson before letting all hell break loose.

The scene uses the effects of the Slow-Mo drug to highlight particularly gory shots of the Judges wreaking havoc on a group of individuals who deal with the exotic drug.


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