10 Ultimate Bunny Boiler Films

They may be attractive but only bad things could come from dating these women.

Ah the Bunny Boiler! The most feared creature on the planet amongst men. Hopelessly infatuated with the male (or occasionally female) person of their choice, the Bunny Boiler, who usually suffers from a personality disorder or other deep psychological problems, relentlessly pursues the object of her adoration, never taking no for an answer. She usually displays murderous proclivities when push comes to shove and in these altercations, she takes on an almost supernatural power of invincibility. It's hard to keep a good Bunny Boiler down. The years 1992-1993 were vintage years for films featuring deranged female Bunny Boilers and it is from that time period that most of the films in the list are culled from. Bunny Boilerism is a sad fate to contract because the sufferers are normally very beautiful and talented in their own way. They are just a little bit too... intense. Share your own favourite cinematic Bunny Boiler below.

10. He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (2002)

A study in extreme erotomania, which always seems to end up in Bunny Boiling movies, Audrey Tautou plays a young woman called Angelique who is in love with a married man - a cardiologist called Laic. She boasts that he is going to leave his wife for her and they will be happy ever after. However, the movie switches over to show Angelique's lover's side of events. We all assume that he is a bastard but in reality the love affair is in Angelique's mind and she has been stalking the man and hispregnant wife and endangering their lives. Many people call this film 'The Dark Side of Amelie' mainly because Audrey Tautou plays the lead female role in both movies. I actually prefer this film to Amelie, probably because I'm a gloom mongering cow, but I loved the way the film went from being a light, romantic comedy to being a dark psychological thriller. Tautou has to show a greater range of acting skills than in Amelie. She cannot be a sweet, whimsical heroine for the duration of this film. The movie demands a darker and more dramatic performance in which Tautou is not 100% convincing. She tries but it is like sticking a sheep in wolves' clothing. I must confess that I am not a Tautou fan and Amelie sickened me. She does a slightly better job in this film but she needs more Boiler in her Bunny.

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