10 Unanswered Movie Questions That Kept You Up All Night

We're probably not meant to know these things... but still.

There have been countless moments in film history that have raised questions that audience members have rarely stopped debating, no matter when the film in question was released. For instance, how exactly did that doll in The Wicker Man get burned? Was it with a pack of matches, or what? OK, joking aside, everyone has their own views and beliefs on the true meaning of some of cinema€™s greatest unanswered questions. Obviously, most of the time these questions are purposefully left open to interpretation. It€™s part of the filmmakers€™ job to engage its audience with the fictional world they've created and just like our world there are bound to be elements with no clear cut explanation. So, although we€™re not really supposed to know the answers to the questions that will be presented on this list, that doesn't stop our curiosity meter from shifting off the charts. Because that€™s the point, right? Why were they left up to the imagination if we weren€™t supposed to want to know? These questions range from a futuristic take on bathroom hygiene that confused us all to several cinematic deaths that may or may not have actually happened. Needless to say, there will be spoilers galore.

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