10 Unanswered Movie Questions That Kept You Up All Night

10. Who Is Star-Lord's Father? - Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

For a solid stand-alone movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy managed to set up a lot of story threads for its inevitable sequel, and one of the more intriguing plot lines is undoubtedly the reveal of Peter Quill€™s father. This is the only question on this list that will (thankfully) be answered sometime in the near future. However, until that time, inquiring minds need to know. By the time Guardians had ended, we learned that everyone's favourite intergalactic badass is actually not strictly human, with a father not of our world. With his ability to survive in the vacuum of space, and to not be horribly destroyed by touching an Infinity Stone, we can assume he's incredibly powerful - but that's about all we have to go on when it comes to guessing just who Star-Lord's poppa is; other than the fact that it definitely isn't who it is in the comics. Meaning all of you out there hoping to see Quill€™s father be a certain Spartax ruler are probably a little let down. Indeed, names like Adam Warlock, Starfox, Starhawk and the Beyonder have all been thrown around by comic book fans and they all seem likely (and equally unlikely) in their own right. Thankfully, writer/director James Gunn recently confirmed that his Guardians follow-up will introduce Quill Snr. and, thus, put our nerdy speculations to rest.

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