10 Unbelievable Origins Of Iconic Star Wars Sound Effects

7. Blasters - Guy-Wire Hit With A Hammer

The Sound Effect: Appearing in many different forms, from a humble pistol to planet-destroying weapons, the uncivilized blaster is a mainstay for galactic armies, bounty hunters and smugglers alike. They're essentially redressings of real guns, only much cooler thanks to the bright lights and cool sounds. Maybe it was because that the sound was incredibly easy to recreate, or the fact Han Solo always used one, but we always found blasters as suitable for recreation in the playground as the much more memorable lightsaber. And although each new movie has introduced new variations, the general high-pitched 'pew' has remained a sound element throughout. The Crazy Origin: Showing that as a sound designer that you sometimes have to take your work home with you, Burtt created the blaster effect while on holiday. Recording the sound of a hammer hitting the guy-wire of a radio tower, you can imagine went down really well with his family.
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