10 Unbelievable Origins Of Iconic Star Wars Sound Effects

8. Tusken Raider - A Braying Donkey

The Sound Effect: Tusken Raiders, or Sand People as they're known to the locals, were in early drafts an Imperial unit specialised for desert warfare. As the story developed and called for a non-Empire threat to Luke they became their own culture, an interesting third party to the Tatooine set-action of Star Wars. Primitives who like beating up farmboys, shooting at children and are scared of screaming old men, they've never really been embellished in their appearances over both trilogies beyond being an unknown, almost-but-not-quite human culture. This is reflected in their bandage-ish masks and ungraspable sound; part-scream, part-cry, part-laugh. The Crazy Origin: Although it's easy to think it's a manipulated human recording, the truth is much cooler; it's made by deepening and varying the speed of braying donkeys. It sounds unbelievable, but when both sounds are heard next to each other, it makes a lot of sense.
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