10 Unbelievably Boring Horror Movies

Better bring a pillow to these flicks, cause you'll probably fall asleep.


Horror movies have fantastic variety. There are so many avenues that the genre can go down, and this often ends up generating something that is either incredibly scary or just plain bad. The thing about Horror is that often, even when it is terrible, it is still fun. This comes down to many different elements.

Firstly, the darkness of the films makes them so out of the ordinary for us that they are always a good escape. Also, the worst horror films tend to be low budget, and this means that they are full of terrible acting and effects, often leading to unintentional enjoyment.

These following films, however, go in a completely different direction.

They are not scary. They are not even so bad that they are good. These titles are simply boring. They may have some decent concepts and talented people behind them, but they generate nothing within their audiences.

These are films that you won't have a lot of fun with, and really do make the horror genre look uncharacteristically mundane. Even if you're just searching for some background noise for whilst you look at your phone, avoid these films at all costs.


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