10 Under-Appreciated Recent Movies Destined To Become Cult Classics

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Neon Demon
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Divisive movies have been all the rage as of late, pitting critics against fans as well as fans amongst themselves. Batman V. Superman and The Last Jedi are just some recent examples of films that some hated while others praised. Films having their critics and their admirers is far from a new concept, but social media has made these peoples voices heard much wider and with much more ferocity; on either end.

These ten films are far from universally beloved. Many have incredibly low critical ratings, audience scores, and box office returns, but each has a loyal fanbase, even if extremely small. Maybe the films were misunderstood, inaccurately marketed, or just didn’t have the potential to find a wide audience to begin with; but their avid supporters make it seem as though in a few years, these films will once again be the talk of the town.

Not every one of these films were a complete bomb with audiences or critics. Some may have played well with critics and awful with fans, incredible with fans and terrible with critics, atrocious financial success but absolutely loved by those who saw it, or a concoction of each.

Get in on the ground floor and impress your friends by telling them you knew of these movies back when everyone hated them; because pretty soon they’re going to be classics.

10. Mother!

Neon Demon
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Mother is in rare company as it's one of the few films to receive a F Cinemascore (the compiled rating of some viewers during the film’s opening) and still be praised by critics. Usually, Cinemascore is a tell of how much the movie met the viewers expectations (plot and style wise, not quality) and mother! was not something anyone expected.

The flick came from director Darren Aronofsky who has been known to distress people from time to time (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, Noah), and he set out to do it once more. The film has numerous interpretations with some seeing it as a clear-cut global warning message and other are sure it’s a reimagining of the bible and mother nature’s role.

The film has somewhat positive reviews, but most viewers didn’t seem to agree with them. The movie has already become infamous for just how absolutely bonkers it is, but no doubt it will stand the test of time and become one of, if not definitively, Aronofsky’s best work. The lackluster box office wouldn’t prove it, but mother! was one of the most talked about and debated films of 2017.


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