10 Under-Rated Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Love

10. Pitch Black

pitch-black-002 Most have probably already either seen or at least heard of David Twohy's Pitch Black and its blade-wielding, opaque-eyed, intergalactic-criminal anti-hero Riddick. Riddick, played by Vin Diesel, has served as a seminal role for the actor, who has just completed his fourth film in the third live action installment to the series simply entitled Riddick (there is also an anime sequel). Pitch Black follows the story of the surviving crew of a ship that crashes on a sun baked planet. They soon discover a small abandoned outpost that predicts the sun will go down soon and bring whatever doom the colonials met with upon them as well. It is then that they must place their trust in the ever intimidating convict, Riddick, to ensure their survival. Excellent sci-fi creature horror, Pitch Black begged for a sequel. The problem was that it wasn't so much the story that needed the sequel as it was the character of Riddick. While still managing to be a cool movie, The Chronicles of Riddick may have to be chalked up to being a guilty pleasure amongst the fans.
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