10 Underappreciated Marvel Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

9. Cloak & Dagger

moon knight

Introduced in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64, Cloak & Dagger are a superpowered couple with in interdimensional abilities, capable of teleporting between dimensions and producing powerful psionic weapons to incapacitate their opponents. Cloak – a mysterious figure with an insatiable hunger for energy – is connected symbiotically to Dagger – whose extraordinary powers would otherwise overwhelm and consume her entirely.

Together, the duo has contributed to numerous story-arches – including Civil War and Secret Invasion – making them incredibly important, despite their various shortcomings. Their physical, psychological co-dependency renders them susceptible to manipulation, which numerous adversaries have taken advantage of in the past. In The New Mutants for instance, Cloak & Dagger are manipulated into trouncing Doctor Strange himself, which might be the best way of introducing the characters into the larger MCU – making them effective gateway characters, thereby introducing a more imperative, imminent threat to the Avengers.


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