10 Underrated Horror Movie Remakes

Thirteen Ghosts is a lot more fun than you remember...

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Remaking a film is never easy. You have to find the right balance of picking things to keep from the original entry, and then building upon them to either elevate them to superior levels or reimagine them into something entirely new yet brilliant.

The horror genre is never short of remakes and in the case of series like Friday the 13th, you can argue most of the films in the franchise are merely loose remakes, following the same basic structure with mildly differing assets.

It's a terribly difficult thing to get right as if you change too much you stand to alienate fans of the first entry, and if you change too little then there isn't much point in the final product. With a crowd as passionate as the horror community, you better make it worth their while.

These are movies that were either dismissed as inferior to the originals and as punishment were cast into obscurity or ridicule for all time. Or they irritated people with just how they reimagined things, seemingly for the worse and serves only to frustrate anyone looking forward to a return to their respective series.

However, they have been unfairly maligned by unforgiving audiences that relish failure, and these are 10 severely underrated horror remakes and deserve another look now the heat from their releases have died down and we can judge them with fresh eyes.

Warning: There will be light spoilers ahead...


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