10 Underrated Star Wars Legends Characters That Deserve A Second Chance

The new Star Wars canon takes plenty of inspiration from Legends, so could more characters return?


The Star Wars universe became significantly smaller on the 15th of April 2014 after Disney purchased Lucasfilm for an eye-watering $4 billion. Disney wisely decided to retcon the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe, branding everything outside of the main film continuity and The Clone Wars show as Legends. This meant they were able to wipe the slate clean and create a new Expanded Universe, one that was markedly less convoluted.

Dozens of stories and hundreds of characters suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced as they were wiped from the canon.

Popular characters such as Grand Admiral Thrawn have since re-emerged, finding their way into the new Star Wars canon in different ways. However, others - such as Luke Skywalker's evil clone ‘Luuke’ - are probably best left floating in the void of space.

Some of the best Star Wars content, characters and stories still reside in Legends though. With a Star Wars renaissance in progress now would be a better time than ever to draw even more inspiration from the old canon, and reinvent some of its most under-appreciated heroes and villains…


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