10 Underrated Star Wars Legends Characters That Deserve A Second Chance

9. Captain Fordo

Abeloth Star Wars

Before Captain Rex, there was Captain Fordo (or ARC-77 if you are feeling formal).

The original courageous clone, Fordo made his debut in the Genndy Tartakovsky animated Clone Wars show. Surviving long enough to get his phase two armour, Fordo had encounters with the bounty hunter Durge (more on him later), and a much more intimidating iteration of General Grievous.

The staunch defender of sector four was able to hold his own against an advancing army of droids during the battle of Coruscant - even beating one down with his heavy blaster before switching to his pistol. If Star Wars adds anymore clone troopers to its already colourful ranking, it should be this one.

The still canon version of The Clone Wars has demonstrated how popular the clones have become amongst fans, proving that each one is their own man and has the potential to be a fully developed character. We have seen little of post-Order 66 life for the clones, so it would be interesting to see what a clone like Fordo did after the war; whether he served under the Empire, took up arms against it or something else entirely.


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