10 Underseen Vampire Movies To Fill The True Blood Hole In Your Life

Those underrated horror gems sure to put a toothy grin on your face.

True Blood's final season ended last week, and many lamented the close of their favourite sex-filled vampire saga. Sookie and co. might have vanished into the sunlight of True Blood's end last month, but that doesn't mean the blood-sucking undead lovelies that are vampires have to disappear from your life completely. Bram Stoker's gothic novel Dracula has been adapted into film more than any other original work, and that's not even counting the endless variations on the classic vampire story that have been produced under different names and auspices. We're pretty well familiar with a great deal of vampire films, from F.W. Murnau's unofficial adaptation Nosferatu and Francis Coppola's '90s Dracula to less well-regarded but equally infamous efforts like the Twilight series and Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire. But before you scour the DVD shelves for the old favourites to get your fix of fangs, you should know that there's a whole library of excellent, underseen and underrated vampire flicks out there just waiting to be discovered. Whether they innovate and bring new approaches to century-old archetypes or are simply expertly crafted horror films starring everyone's favourite succubi, these ten films are sure to bring a bloody grin to anyone's face who hasn't already seen them...

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