10 Unexpected Movie Deaths That Came Out Of NOWHERE

9. Marion Crane - Psycho

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Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is a legendary film for a whole host of reasons; the masterful use of tension, the charismatic and complex villain and the infamous twist during the finale are all great examples of why it became such a classic, however the fate of its lead girl, Marion Crane, was arguably an even bigger factor in it standing out from anything that had come before.

Crane was introduced as the film's main character right from the get go, opening up on the run and arriving at the Bates Motel during her trip to California. She stays for the night and begins to run a shower, kickstarting one of the most famous scenes in all of cinema history.

An unseen figure sneaks into the room, Bernard Herrmann's uncomfortable score begins to play and Marion is repeatedly stabbed as the production crew squirt chocolate syrup over her body. Violence and nudity the likes of which were on screen during Marion's demise had never really made its way into cinema before 1960, however killing off a lead character on top of that in the manner in which Psycho does was nothing short of totally shocking.

Despite the unease and awkwardness of Norman, his mother and the Bates Motel, there's no denying that this moment was something no one at the time could have seen coming.

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