10 Unforgettably Grisly Film Scenes In Which Characters Lost Limbs Or Appendages

Deep Blue Sea Arm The loss of both limbs and other bodily appendages are a very common occurrence in Hollywood movies - and it's a very grisly sight Thousands of characters have had their body parts cut off in hundreds of different ways €“ and not always in horror movies either. Of course, that's where the majority of such painful injuries occur, but characters have lost body parts in sci-fi movies, crime films and even comedies. In this list, we'll take a look through some of the best examples of these scenes that Hollywood has to offer. Here are ten scenes in which characters lose limbs or appendages (note; I've done a decapitation list already, so this won't include the loss of heads - and as for the removal of genitalia, such as in Hostel 2, I've chosen to avoid those kinds of scenes for my own benefit. Ouch)...

10. Marv Defeats Kevin (Sin City)

kevin-sincity Kevin - the completely harmless looking character in Sin City - is actually an enormously dangerous psychopath. He kidnaps prostitutes, cuts their heads off (keeping them as trophies) and eats the rest of their bodies. He is a very skilled fighter and martial artist, with speed and aggression that even tough guy Marv's brutal strength struggled to match. He also wears metal claws which he uses to slash at his opponents, adding to his already dangerous move-set. Kevin never shows any human emotions and he has no mercy for his victims and seemingly enjoys their pain. However, he is also completely indifferent to his own pain, showing no care (not even opening his mouth) when Marv punches him in the face and then, even more alarmingly, staying completely calm and quiet when Marv finally gets the better of him and saws off all four of his limbs and leaves him to be eaten alive by a wolf (while he smiles through the whole experience).

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