10 Unforgivably Bad CGI Scenes In BILLION Dollar Movies

Ticket sales don't always guarantee great effects work, clearly...

Avengers Infinity War
Marvel Studios

By and large, the visual effects work across the highest-grossing films in history is pretty good, helping to transport audiences far and wide into worlds of imagination beyond dreams and fantasy.

Nor does the buck exclusively stop with the teams behind them when the work isn't up to scratch too; more often than not, such creative teams find themselves on the wrong end of fiscal constraints and borrowed time, often forced to meet studio-mandated deadlines no matter what.

But even so, we feel that some of these instances are, if not necessarily inexcusable, then at the very least distinctly jarring moments that take the viewer out of the cinematic experience and slam them back to earth with all the finesse of an upturned popcorn carton.

They may all be part of an exclusive club - but, as critics like to frequently attest, taste doesn't account for everything...

10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Fathiers On Parade

Avengers Infinity War

Rian Johnson's middle entry in the sequel trilogy remains arguably its most hotly debated offering today, even after The Rise of Skywalker split opinion last year, but by and large, it's one of the franchise's most satisfyingly tangible visual offerings, from the blood-and-salt imagery of Crait to the dynamic shot of Holdo bursting through the Supremacy as a last-gasp tactic.

But that makes the scene where Finn and Rose, on the casino world on Canto Bight, make their escape on the back of a herd of fathiers - basically intergalactic racehorses - all the more dispiriting.

Though many creatures in The Last Jedi were rendered with practical effects, the rubbery beasts when presented in full-flight look dated and substandard - and not even a John Williams cue can quite save the ridiculousness of their presence.


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