10 Unforgivably Bad CGI Scenes In BILLION Dollar Movies

9. Captain America: Civil War - The Airport Ultimatum

Avengers Infinity War
Marvel Studios

Opinions will vary over whether the Russo Bros' contributions to the Captain America lexicon or the Avengers series were their greater Marvel Cinematic Universe contributions but the former Community favourites were arguably at their best in the action stakes when it came to framing down-and-dirty conflicts where the flashy superpowers were secondary.

They brought tangible heft in particular to Steve Rogers' third solo outing, particularly in its six-on-six battle royale centerpiece at Leipzig/Halle Airport, neatly blending practical and digital effects - which is why, prior to the fight, Robert Downey Jr's last ultimatum feels jarringly out of place to the rest of the cast around him, the actor's head wobbling around in front of a fuzzy greenscreen image.It's a proper niggle of a shot.


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