10 Unintentionally Funny Moments From Batman V Superman

Who said there was no humor?

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice had some considerable problems: odd character motivations, heavy-handed foreshadowing, lacklustre action scenes. But the thing that seems to bother most people is the film’s lack of humour.

Not every superhero movie has to be the quip-filled larks that Marvel produces, but did we need such a bleak take on two guys in tights fighting each other?

The criticism is not entirely earned, however, as I found during my screening that the audience found plenty to laugh at. It's just a little unfortunate that all of those laughs were completely unintentional on the film-makers' parts.

It must be painful for a director to have these big, dramatic moments not only fall flat, but to have people laughing at just how ridiculous they are, but then they really only had themselves to blame. T

he concept of superheroes is silly by nature so to try and force a too-serious tone is asking for trouble. It also doesn’t help that Deadpool came out this year and basically tore down whatever po-faced seriousness remained in the genre. 

So on top of all its other issues, the moments in Batman V Superman that were meant to be tense and thrilling instead incited awkward chuckles...

10. Is That Neil DeGrasse Tyson?


It’s not unprecedented, or even all that unusual, for celebrities to makes cameos as themselves in superhero films. Bill O’Reilly popped up in an Iron Man movie, Macy Gray was in Spider-Man, and Stan Lee pretty much plays himself in everything.

Batman V Superman has them all beat though, as it features about half a dozen appearances from various TV personalities. But like everything else in this film, these cameos are treated with a straight-face and not a hint of irony which makes them feel increasingly awkward.

When Neil DeGrasse Tyson is featured in a panel discussing Superman’s intentions, it's a bit distracting but fun. Then we have Nancy Grace (did we really need another villain?) preaching about the dangers of this illegal immigrant and it starts to creep into ridiculous territory. By the time we have Anderson Cooper giving us live updates on the Doomsday attack, the whole thing is just laughable.

Snyder was likely hoping that featuring real life newscasters would help explore what it would really be like if Superman came to Earth, but he doesn’t know when enough is enough. I mean, Anderson Cooper has about as much screen-time as Wonder Woman!

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