10 Unintentionally Funny Moments In Harry Potter

Voldemort should have seriously considered taking up a career in comedy...

Harry Potter Voldemort Laughing
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The consistency of the Harry Potter films is highly commendable. Whilst fans certainly have their own personal favourites, not one of the movies is considered to be genuinely bad.

Each entry has a multitude of distinctive scenes and quotable lines, and as such, the series has plenty of replay value. Some fans have revisited the franchise so often they can even recite entire scenes from memory.

But when something is experienced so many times, it’s inevitable that some individuals will pick up on things the casual observers will not.

For the most part, the humour in the Harry Potter movies is thoughtful and executed well. But every now and then, a particular moment will stand out for being unintentionally humorous. This may come from a foolish decision, an odd line delivery, or simply a strange facial expression or mannerism.

Given the rise of social media, these moments have frequently been highlighted in the form of memes, compilation videos, and remixes.

As subjective as humour undoubtedly is, it would be hard for even the sternest of individuals not to find these moments at least slightly amusing…

10. Harry Struggles To Grab A Letter – The Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter Voldemort Laughing
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In the opening stages of The Philosopher’s Stone, Uncle Vernon does his utmost to prevent his nephew reading the letters from Hogwarts.

Unfortunately for him, an avalanche of owl post comes pouring into the Dursleys' living room one Sunday morning and fills the air with letters.

But for whatever reason, Harry struggles to grab one of them. He snatches away at the falling letters for far too long before he eventually manages to catch one. It would have been much quicker if he’d simply snatched one off the floor and ran for it.

What’s more, Harry goes on to become one of the best Seekers to ever set foot in Hogwarts, and as such, it makes no sense for him to have such poor control over his body at this crucial moment.

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