10 Unintentionally Hilarious Moments In Horror Movies

These horror films tried to be scary and instead created comedy gold.

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With the horror genre, it's safe to say that the bad far outweighs the good. For every Exorcist or Alien, there are dozens of forgettable flicks that most viewers don't give a second thought to. A horror film can fail because of bad acting, a weak script, illogical character decisions, or more often than not, it's just not scary.

But there are some horror features that, for all intent and purposes, are indirectly hilarious. We're not talking about dark comedies or parodies like the Leprechaun franchise or Re-Animator. Each of the entries in this list genuinely tried to be terrifying and somehow, turned out funnier than some movies that are SUPPOSED to be comedies.

Some films are so ineptly made, they're gut-busting from start to finish. Sometimes, a scene of intended terror is funnier than the actual jokes in the movie. Some scenes are so infamous for their unintentionally hilarity, they become more famous than the movie itself.

When you watch films revolving around killer rabbits, flying heads, and murderous vending machines, it's hard to believe they were intended to be scary...

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