10 Unintentionally Hilarious Moments In The Matrix Franchise

9. The Laughing Smiths - The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix
Warner Bros.

By the time The Matrix Revolutions rolled onto the big screens, fans of the franchise knew he would be the ultimate big baddie that Neo would have to tangle with in the final act. His malice, evil and unstoppable antics were genuinely terrifying to watch (see the build up to this scene with Sati and Seraph). What an incredible villain for the ages.

Just don't consider The Matrix Resurrections iteration of Smith, we're all still healing from that weird mess.

In this scene, the virus that is Smith has spread so far and wide that he's now absorbing himself into prophetic and powerful programs such as Seraph, and his sights are now set on The Oracle. During a tense exchange between the two, The Oracle stares down the evil Smith and chain-smokes her last cigarette before being poisoned and Smith absorbs her into his clan.

The other Smiths are tense - for the first time there is uncertainty amongst the ranks and we wonder if their plan is about to fail. Then the Oracle-Smith starts to cackle like a Saturday morning cartoon villain?!

Seriously! Hugo Weaving's tense, spot-on delivery as he enunciated "deliberately, purposefully" is immediately thrown out the window by an evil laugh that not even Cobra Commander would be lame enough to muster.

It's not that it's even a laugh, as Smith chuckled to him-selves earlier in the scene, it's the way the laugh builds and becomes forced.

So instead, what should have been a scene of terror is instead replaced by an awkward "wtf snicker" as our villain grows in power.


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