10 Unlikely Movie Team-Ups You Completely Forgot Happened

Who thought putting these actors together was a good idea?

bad company
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The film biz all about chemistry: some actors have it, and some don’t. The likes of Astaire and Rogers and Martin and Lewis made their name as a double act, a combo you could throw into any plot, any predicament, and come out with celluloid gold (or something that would turn a profit, at least).

Sometimes, though, a pairing leaves you scratching your head. To throw certain sets of actors onscreen together can seem like a disaster waiting to happen. There’s no way they’ll compliment one another, play off each other well. This can be down to egos, contrasting styles, or plain old bad writing.

A weird onscreen duo isn't always a bad onscreen duo - take De Niro and Jerry Lewis in The King Of Comedy, for example. For the most part, though, the signs are obvious enough from the poster: two stars the studios are trying to cram together, for whatever strange reason they’ve dreamed up.

Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re complete stinkers. And sometimes, when concept and casting are sufficiently bizarre, they simply fade away into the ether.

10. Jack And Jill - Adam Sandler/Al Pacino

bad company
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Working with Al Pacino would ordinarily be a memorable moment for any actor, but even a resume as spotty as Adam Sandler’s would be better off without this particular collaboration. Both actors have made questionable decisions, but even if they can’t forget Jack And Jill, they, and anyone who has watched it, wish that they could.

While some of Sandler’s output is unfairly maligned, the critical mauling was well deserved here. This is the comedian at his laziest, peddling crass gags, mostly about bodily functions, bringing little to the table other than the notion that dressing as an overweight woman is inherently funny. He can’t even raise his game for a legend like Pacino

Which is all the more disappointing given Pacino’s absolute dedication to the picture. Playing himself, he hurls himself into the role and provides pretty much all of the movie’s best moments (which is really not saying much). Al’s comedy side is rarely celebrated, but his penchant for big acting is catered for.e

Pacino earns every penny of his presumably sizeable pay packet, but the film is a disaster. The stars have recovered, with each having recent career highlights - perhaps now we can put this whole mess behind us.


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