10 Unlikely Movie Team-Ups You Completely Forgot Happened

9. Showtime - Eddie Murphy/Robert De Niro

bad company
Warner Bros.

The poster says it all here: Eddie Murphy pointing at Robert De Niro, his co-star holding out an open palm, both with expressions saying “what am I doing here?” A truly forgettable buddy cop spoof, it bets the house on De Niro and Murphy tapping into some sparking on screen chemistry, which they very much fail to do.

The great Robert De Niro comedy experiment seems finally to have come to an end, and films like this show just how unsuitable he was for the majority of parts. He’s asked to play the same character in just about every instance: a Very Serious Man, who becomes embroiled with a Very Silly Man, and is annoyed at this turnout.

To make matters worse, Murphy’s career was in a real trough here. His lack of investment could not be more clear - he simply wants to pick up his pay cheque and go home ASAP.

Perhaps there was a time in the ‘80s, with the two at their electric best, that this union could have worked (Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours was of course the blueprint). But with two arguably past their prime performers who visibly don’t believe in the project, you’re in for a bad time.


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