10 Unreleased Horror Movie Endings Fans Are Demanding To See

Fans are desperate to see these WILD alternate endings.

Deep Blue Sea Susan McCallister Saffron Burrows
Warner Bros.

Horror movies, like most movies, live and die on the strength of their endings, because if you send the audience home unhappy, it's going to sour the whole damn experience, no matter how great it might otherwise be.

And to that end, it's not uncommon for endings to be changed late in production, perhaps due to test audiences hating the original finale or studio executives getting cold feet.

This typically results in the cast and crew reuniting to shoot a new ending, all while the original one is thrown out and, if we're lucky, it resurfaces as a home video extra.

But it's sadly far more common for cut endings to just wither away and evaporate into the ether, earning them a near-mythic status that leaves fans only more eager to feast their eyes upon them.

Now, there are two rules for this list: the endings in question must have been at least partially filmed, and of course never released to the public in any form beyond a few sneaky images or a quick sample clip.

With that in mind, if these unreleased horror movie endings were ever made public, they would make a lot of people happy...

10. Susan Lives - Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea Susan McCallister Saffron Burrows
Warner Bros.

It's relatively well known by this point that cult fave shark movie Deep Blue Sea had its ending changed shortly before release due to vocal reactions from test screenings.

In the original filmed ending, the character of Dr. Susan McCallister (Saffron Burrows) made it to the end in one piece, yet test audiences found her character so unlikeable as to write comments in the feedback form like, "Kill the b*tch!"

Test screenings made it clear that viewers saw McCallister as far more of an antagonistic character than the filmmakers originally intended, given her role in inadvertently causing the central genetically engineered shark catastrophe.

And so, director Renny Harlin conducted a one-day reshoot to have Susan instead be brutally devoured by the final shark in the movie's climax, leaving viewers satisfied that she got her "comeuppance" for trying to "play God."

Yet in recent years there's been growing desire among fans for Warner Bros. to release the original ending, with a petition even being circulated to that effect.

The petition staunchly defends Susan, declaring that had numerous deleted scenes relating to her character development been kept in the final cut, audiences wouldn't have been quite so eager to see her off.

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