10 Unreleased Movie Cuts We Want To See After The Snyder Cut

Give us the Butthole Cut of Cats, you cowards.


Movie studios aren't exactly known for taking criticism onboard or caving in to fan demands, so it still came as a surprise when it was announced that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was finally happening, even after a two and a half year online campaign.

Of course, it helped that Warner Bros. had a newly-launched streaming service to promote, but in the long run it could eventually see more and more filmmakers afforded the opportunity to return to projects from their past that they weren't able to deliver in their originally-intended form.

There are a number of factors behind movies arriving in theaters looking completely different from how they were initially pitched, and most of them tend to be financially-motivated decisions rather than creative ones. However, now that the Snyder Cut has set the precedent, there are plenty of unrealized projects that could do with the same kind of treatment, although it remains up for debate whether they would turn out better or worse than the version we've already seen.


10. Rogue One: The Gareth Edwards Cut


The Disney era of Star Wars is no stranger to behind the scenes issues and studio interference, and it seems that there's barely anything that happens in a galaxy far, far away that arrived on our screens the way it was originally intended.

Rogue One was initially pitched as the franchise's version of a 'boots on the ground' war movie, and while it remains one of the better installments under the Disney banner, the version that hit theaters played things a lot safer than many fans would have liked.

A reason for this could have been down to director Gareth Edwards essentially getting kicked off his own movie, with Tony Gilroy heavily rewriting the script and taking over for five weeks of extensive reshoots to make it fit better into the studio's vision for the series.

While there's no guarantee that Edwards' version would have been any better than what we ended up with, leaning more notably into the war aspect would have made Rogue One stand out among the pack of increasingly-formulaic and family-friendly Star Wars movies.

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