10 Upcoming Films That Are Terrible Ideas

When Hollywood decide it's time for a Tetris movie, they've officially ran out of ideas.

We€™ve all been there€sitting in a theater, watching a trailer for yet-another creatively-bankrupt Hollywood product and thinking, €œWho gets paid to come up with this crap?€ Endless sequels, origin stories, pointless remakes, movies based on toys, reboots of franchises whose corpses are still warm. There are occasions when you could almost be offended by the apparent contempt major studios seem to have for the intelligence of their audience, that we€™ll lap-up any brand name they vomit onto the screen, no matter how terrible, as long as we€™re already familiar with it. Sure, there are exceptions. On paper, The Lego Movie sounds like one of the dumbest ideas of all time, but it confounded everyone€™s expectations by being creative, clever and ultimately heartwarming, the total opposite of the cynical product we all thought it would be. But for every Lego Movie, there€™s a Battleship, an idiotic attempt to pander to an undemanding audience€™s familiarity with a brand name. For every movie that truly warrants a franchise (like Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe), we see studios trying to resurrect and reboot old properties (cartoons, games, belated sequels) with the hope of striking box office gold. The following is a list of upcoming films, either in development or in production, that are truly stupid ideas. As one would suspect, all of them are remakes, belated sequels, unnecessary reboots or attempts to make a movie out of a concept which doesn€™t lend itself to cinematic storytelling. In other words, they have flop written all over them€
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