10 Upcoming Horror Movie Rumours We Hope Are True

Gosling's Wolfman? Foxx's Spawn? Kevin Bacon's Freddy Krueger? A return to Silent Hill?

Warner Bros.

Movie rumours are always a tricky bit of business, as sometimes projects which sound too good to be true turn out to be...

Well, to be just that.

That said, early word on exciting upcoming releases can sometimes find its way to the grapevine, and it's only fair that it gets a hearing in case there's any truth to the idle gossip. The horror genre in particular is filled with rumoured remakes, reboots, re-imaginings, and upcoming sequels which may never see the light of day, but which would equally well end up being instant classics.

Besides, hasn't lockdown gone on long enough that everyone deserves a bit of gossip, regardless of how true the tea is?

Most of what's reproduced on this list is unfortunately unsubstantiated, but there's nothing here that has been outright denied by filmmakers and most of the projects listed here are at least in the earliest stages of pre-production. It's with those many, careful, considered disclaimers that WhatCulture brings you a rundown of ten of the horror genreā€™s most exciting recent batch of behind-the-scenes hearsay and rumours.


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