10 Upcoming Horror Movies That Are Already Doomed

8. Nosferatu

Speak No Evil 2024
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Robert Eggers. A24. Bill Skarsgard, Willem Dafoe and Nicholas Hoult. Where can the upcoming remake of German Expressionist classic Nosferatu go wrong? Well.

In spite of this moody new Nosferatu’s killer cast, audience anticipation and indie credibility, recent trends at the box office suggest we may be all vamped out. Long gone is the flighty romantic heyday of Twilight and True Blood, and despite many attempts to do so, very little in the way of serious or silly vampire flicks have been able to fill the gaping void.

In fact, the three last major vampire movies have all seriously underperformed at the box office, despite being well received by critics. Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult-starring Renfield took less than half of its budget; Nosferatu-esque The Last Voyage of Demeter did the same; and while this year’s blood-sucking ballerina child Abigail has pulled up just north of its budget, marketing and distribution costs make it a clear loss for everyone involved. And don’t even get us started on Morbius.

It doesn’t help that these films were released far from Halloween, which while not a prerequisite certainly boosts appetites for scary visual fare. Nosferatu’s festive release date doesn’t put it on great footing, and the waning appetite for vampires on the big screen as a whole suggests it may be better to put this one back in its coffin for a few years.


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