10 Upcoming Movie Performances Doomed To Fail

Conor McGregor in a Road House remake? What could go wrong? Oh, yeah. Everything.

Road House  Conor McGregor

There's nothing quite like a piece of intriguing casting news to drum up some interest in whatever slice of upcoming blockbuster big screen entertainment or dramatic piece of Oscar-bait a studio is trying to sell to the masses.

And a lot of the time the reveal of an eye-catching acting talent jumping into the MCU, agreeing to join forces with a world class director, or stepping outside of their comfort zone with an unexpected project can be enough to convince fascinated folks to queue up for a ticket on opening night.

Yet, in the following cases, the bombshell of these names being attached to appear in an upcoming cinematic production has already left a rather bitter taste in fans' mouths or looks like an absolute recipe for disaster out of the gates.

That's not to say that each and every actor taking up a spot on this list is a terrible performer by any means. Some are actually at the top of their game, in fact, making their decision to attach themselves to the following bizarre properties seem rather foolish at a glance.

From a God of Thunder lining up to be a Real American, to one-time Kick-Ass performers getting wrapped up in a dud of a universe, these incoming movie showings have catastrophe written all over them.

10. Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Kraven The Hunter

Road House  Conor McGregor
Warner Bros.

While he can definitely confess to experiencing something of a hit-and-miss career to date, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has still shown glimpses of some genuine ability in front of a camera, with his work in everything from the Kick-Ass series to 2016's Nocturnal Animals highlighting the Brit's exceptional range when handed the right material to play with.

Sadly though, said material has rarely made its presence known in Sony's limp Spider-Man Universe as the likes of Venom and Morbius haven't exactly gone on to become critical darlings since infecting the planet from 2018 onwards.

So, Taylor-Johnson taking on the part of Kraven the Hunter in his own solo outing isn't the sort of development that has left Spider-fans salivating at the idea of what the grizzled star could bring to the table.

Some have already been quick to call into question Sony's apparent decision to change-up the formidable hunter into an "animal lover", as noted by the actor to Variety, with this being an unwelcome departure from the comics.

And if the studio's last attempt to keep this universe afloat in Morbius was anything to go by, Taylor-Johnson could be about to join the likes of Jared Leto, Woody Harrelson and many more on the growing list of Sony super-failures.


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