10 Upcoming Movie Reboots Doomed To Fail

9. The Crow

The Crow is a film best known for the tragic on-set gun accident that took the life of its star, Brandon Lee (son of Bruce), but controversy aside, it's a slick, stylish low-budget offering from Alex Proyas, one which endures as a cult classic best left untouched. Talk of a retooling has been going around Hollywood for around 5 years, when Blade director Stephen Norrington attempted to get a gritty reboot moving, before it all fell apart. The second attempt, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo at the helm and Bradley Cooper rumoured to start, stumbled once again, and we're now on attempt #3, with Francisco Javier GutiƩrrez directing and the role of Eric Draven still left unfilled. While one can see why some might see a Crow reboot as a good idea - after all, those straight-to-video sequels just can't get any worse - there's usually an innate reason behind why these projects fall apart time and time again, suggesting it's probably best to just leave it alone. Even with the best intentions, it seems like nobody is committed enough to the vision to make it happen, so why bother in the first place? Furthermore, trying to supersede Lee's iconic portrayal is nothing if not a thankless task.
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