10 Upcoming Movie Reboots That Might Actually Work

When life gives you lemons, reboot.

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Every year it seems like more reboots are happening, and the time between reboots is becoming shorter and shorter. How many years does it take before a franchise reboot is considered appropriate? Three years? Ten?

Even for fans who grumble the loudest at a new retelling of a story, viewers can almost always be won over by quality and care. Spider-Man might have been an easy punchline for rapid reboots, but Spider-Man: Homecoming quickly fit itself into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and into the hearts of fans.

It's hard to know from a first glance whether a reboot is just an attempt to keep rights to a property, or something that will do the original justice while exploring the story in a new way. Here's a look at ten upcoming films that have us hopeful for something more than a money grab.


10. Green Lantern

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While it might have looked promising initially, Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern did so poorly that the planned sequel was immediately dropped. The strange CG costume, unsympathetic protagonist and confusing plot burned down any interest in continuing stories in the universe. Despite this, a reboot is in the works. Announced for 2020, with so little production details, it seems likely it will have a later release.

Why It Might Work:

There isn't much officially known about the direction the reboot, Green Lantern Corps, will take. The name does seem to support current rumors that the movie will focus more on the galactic cop aspect of the universe.

Perhaps having Hal Jordan will partner with the popular comic book character, John Stewart, a Marine sniper veteran. Whatever direction the film takes DC seems to be seriously rethinking its movies franchises, which could mean they will take this second chance as an opportunity to do right by the source material.

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