10 Upcoming Movie Remakes That Will Piss Everyone Off

If it ain't broke, remake it! And again! And again!

Home Sweet Home Alone

It's a tale as old as time: Hollywood is out of ideas. But what's interesting is that's not strictly true. So many films are coming based on original ideas that will no doubt be overlooked in favour of existing properties. The phrase should really be changed to "Hollywood knows what sells".

And why shouldn't they? The faces we know are as lucrative for Hollywood as they are comforting for us. The names we grew up with remind us of a simpler, more innocent time, and seeing them on the big screen again after so many years are likely to make us feel young again.

The movie bigwigs however only have this in mind, and therefore have no thought to crafting a decent story like the original material, instead banking on the fact that you know and love the original enough to overlook any flaws. I know it's not always the case, but leaning on the shoulder of childhood nostalgia has become the norm for filmmakers for years now.

And it's not slowing down soon as the following announced films will prove. Some are ready for release, others are still in the planning stages, but all are likely to royally piss off everyone!

10. Shrek

Home Sweet Home Alone
DreamWorks Pictures

Remaking an animated classic is tricky, because animated films are some of the most popular and beloved properties on the market. Shrek is certainly a poster child of iconic animated movies. The winner of the first animated feature Oscar for 2001, Shrek has become a cultural phenomenon 20 years after its initial release.

This is the main problem with a remake: it's become too popular. That design is as iconic as Disney's three circles, the first two films are among the greatest that CG animation has to offer, and the rapid growth of the internet has turned Shrek into something of a digital meme God.

A reboot of the series will lean way too hard into its popularity, dig through the pop-culture trove and make an interesting story about the big green orge second fiddle to tired references. And following Universal's acquisition of Dreamworks as well as Illumination founder Chris Meledandri overseeing both studios and a reboot of the Shrek franchise, it's likely the ogre's identity will be lost and become just another kid-friendly series.

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