10 Upcoming Movie Remakes That Will Piss Everyone Off

9. The Crow

Home Sweet Home Alone

It's arguable that The Crow should never have seen the light of day in the first place following the death of star Brandon Lee during filming after a prop gun malfunctioned. Nevertheless, it came out and became a gothic classic overnight, with the death of Lee somewhat morbidly enhancing the experience of the film.

Naturally sequels destroyed the good will of this film but the original will always remain in the hearts of its fans. The reason a reboot will fail is the same reason that the sequels were a mistake. The Crow is Brandon Lee's legacy and it's a role that can never/should have never tried to be replicated.

It was based on a popular comic book series of the time about a man who is killed and resurrected for revenge, and while the comic itself remains a classic in the format, it will always be overshadowed by this adaptation. The makers of the announced reboot must have realised this as both the director and lead actor Jason Momoa left the project, leaving production in limbo.

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