10 Upcoming Movie Remakes You Should Be More Annoyed About Than Ghostbusters

8. Friday The 13th

Power Rangers Ghostbusters
Paramount Pictures

Somewhere between Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday it became clear Friday The 13th had done everything it could possibly do. Break down the franchise to its pure appeal and you have the slaughtering of horny teens at Camp Crystal Lake. That's it, and across twelve movies it's pretty tapped out. Conversely, when you take Jason out of that simple set-up you wind up with a movie that has no series identity and is essentially just riffing on a name.

But that hasn't stopped New Line forcing a new Friday The 13th into production, set for January 2017 because that's the next time we get the needlessly superstitious day.

This is a blatant, cynical cash-grab that makes Ghostbusters look fresh. The studio are hammering down demands on the filmmakers - for a long time they refused to move forward unless it was inexplicably found footage - and now there's talk of a new origin for Jason, with Mummy and Daddy both present, because that's going to hide that there really isn't anywhere to go.


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