10 Upcoming Movies NOBODY Actually Wants To See

It's hard to believe these films are in the works, but they're really happening, folks!

tomb raider 2
Warner Bros.

With many cinemas across the globe still closed and studios struggling to cope with the new norm as they attempt to get productions back on track, it's fair to say that now is a challenging time for Hollywood. Most of 2020's movies have been pushed into, and with the way things are going, even those could end up slipping further down the calendar.

Despite that, a lot of upcoming projects remain in various stages of development. While they may end up playing on the big screen - or streaming services - later than expected, work is taking place as normal (well, mostly), but why some of them are still happening is hard to say!

Hollywood being Hollywood, there are some upcoming movies which it's fair to say are both unnecessary and completely unwanted. Whether it's live-action adaptations of various toy franchises, reboots of classic titles that really don't need rebooting, or sequels to good (and bad) movies that really should have been one-and-done, it's hard to believe any studio exec believes these are good ideas.

Then again, given what they've churned out in the past, perhaps that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise! Either way, it's hard to imagine these being anything other than awful...

10. Hot Wheels

tomb raider 2

The Fast & Furious franchises continues breaking box office records, but Need for Speed proved that fast cars alone aren't enough to make a movie that resonates with people. Just like that video game franchise seemed like a strange property to bring to the big screen, so too does Mattel's Hot Wheels.

While playing with those cars and crazy tracks as a kid, did you ever stop and think it had all the makings of a great feature film?

Warner Bros. clearly does, as the studio has hired Neil Widener and Gavin James to pen the screenplay for what is confirmed to be a live-action take on the property. They don't actually have any produced credits at this stage of their career, but have generated a lot of attention after being hired to work on the San Andreas sequel and Now You See Me 3.

It's hard to imagine this being anything other than goofy and silly, and if the studio does attempt to ground it in reality, then it runs the risk of being another generic action movie. There's no winning either way, and no point in this racing to the silver screen!


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