10 Upcoming Movies That Already Have Your Money

If you're not excited for Toy Story 4, you have no soul.

20th Century Fox/Pixabay

There are an almost comical amount of movies released each month, so much so that it’s impossible for anyone who isn’t a film critic to catch them all.

Going to the movies can be expensive, and with most summer weekends containing a new blockbuster - as well as smaller movies like Hereditary that may seem more suitable for home viewing - it's all too easy to miss a couple of gems here and there.

But there are some movies that you simply have to see. Avengers: Infinity War is the most recent example, and judging by its record-shattering gross, most of you did indeed go and check it out. These are movies that have you onboard from the get go; from the first trailer, or even the initial concept. It could be a sequel in a proven franchise, something from a respected director, a movie that's likely to be a big awards contender, or a blockbuster that everyone else will be seeing anyway.

Looking ahead, there are a bunch of movies like this on the horizon. You know you'll be giving them your money at some point, so why resist?


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