10 Upcoming Movies That Are Trying To Win Back Fans

Who ya gonna call? Nostalgia!


Even though the internet has a reputation for being a battleground for keyboard warriors, one of the great things about the social media age is that filmmakers and studios are just a few short clicks away from interacting with their fans.

Many big directors even have Twitter accounts where they engage with us mere mortals on a regular basis, allowing them to keep one finger firmly on the pop-culture pulse. This puts them within an arm's reach of feedback - positive or negative - making it possible for this feedback to be incorporated into future projects.

So, if a movie, a trailer, or a first-look image comes out and the general consensus is that everybody hates it, the studio will absolutely hear that reaction, and might even take steps to ensure that their upcoming movies are doing all they can to change that hate into adoration.

Looking ahead, there are a number of films that are in this exact position: movies that, for one reason or another, don't have as much fan support as they'd like, and as such, will have to attempt to win that support back, whether through strong marketing, hiring exciting filmmakers, or just making the movie as good as it can possibly be.


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