10 Upcoming Movies That Are Trying To Win Back Fans

10. Monster Hunter

Screen Gems

How It Lost Fans

From the beginning, Hollywood's upcoming adaptation of the Monster Hunter video game series has been a tough sell. The decision to hire director Paul W.S. Anderson turned a lot of people off right away, since his Resident Evil movies weren't exactly faithful adaptations of the games, and were just bad films full-stop.

It also didn't help that some of the first images we saw from the movie were of American soldiers carrying guns and riding in military vehicles, a far cry from the massive swords, the bows and arrows, and the makeshift armour found in the games.

How It's Trying To Win Them Back

Seemingly aware that making Monster Hunter an Americanized shooter would anger a lot of people, the most recent images we've seen from the film have featured a lot more "Monster Hunter-y" weapons and gear, with lead actress Milla Jovovich going on damage control on Instagram, assuring fans that the crazy weapons and armour from the games will feature heavily in the movie.

While these images have turned the tide a little, the fact that this is from the guy who made a handful of awful Resident Evil movies (and even his non-RE work is poor) is pretty hard to ignore. Anderson's track record is simply against him. Monster Hunter will have to feature beasties galore, include action reminiscent of the games, and be a halfway-decent movie in order to even stand a chance at gaining the respect of fans.


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