10 Upcoming Movies That Just Got HUGE Downgrades

Sequels in limbo, pre-production chaos, and other reasons these upcoming movies just got downgraded.

Batman Keaton
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Let's face it, there's a whole lot to be excited about when it comes to the multitude of movie projects on the horizon in the next few years.

And a great many of said upcoming movies have even been gifted with some glorious upgrades in recent times, further ramping up excitement and anticipation for the next batch of compelling blockbusters, dramas, and comedies set to be unleashed before long.

Yet, for every inspired casting decision that only enhances an already intriguing concept and promising behind-the-scenes development that bodes well for an incoming feature, a much more disheartening update for another imminent project is never too far away.

And while there is a chance that each and every movie occupying this particular list will find a way to smash expectations and bring home the big bucks at the box office, that still doesn't change the fact that these following frustrating revelations and latest unfortunate details have already left fans feeling a little anxious about what could be heading their way.

From certain much-talked about sequels perhaps not being as concrete as originally imagined, to some of the most popular actors of recent times pulling out of hotly anticipated productions, these are those incoming features that have just been dealt a potentially fatal blow.

10. An Unexpected PG-13 Rating Could Dilute The Horror - M3GAN

Batman Keaton
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Quickly becoming the talk of Twitter in the wake of its first chilling and downright bizarre trailer landing online a few weeks ago, the James Wan and Akela Cooper-penned M3GAN will see the titular android doll go from much-needed pal of an orphan to all-out killing machine, naturally.

And said initial trailer very much felt as though the Gerard Johnstone-directed incoming slice of artificial intelligence horror would come equipped with as many unexpected chuckles as it would genuine chunks of terrifying action.

However, despite the film's creepy premise and leading antagonist - the murder doll's unsettling dance moves have already got folks talking - and the first glimpses of M3GAN's frightening shenanigans boasting unmistakable flashes of blood and shocking violence, the film was somehow recently slapped with a PG-13 rating.

Now sure, M3GAN could still find a way to jig into the nightmares of folks the world over within the PG-13 playground. But with this being from the minds of the same duo who recently brought fright fans the unfiltered and hilariously horrifying Malignant, a film rated R, some are already feeling as though said more family friendly rating could spell the wrong sort of trouble for a recent social media hit.


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