10 Upcoming Movies That Will Fail If They Don’t Do THIS

9. Nail A Fitting Farewell For The OG Crew - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

Black Adam
Marvel Studios

James Gunn's recent words on his third volume of Guardians of the Galaxy goodness acting as "the last time people will see this team of Guardians" may come as a bit of a depressing surprise for some. But in setting the stage for what looks to be Star Lord and the gang's final outing as a team, Gunn has teed up the possibility of perhaps the most emotional and impactful MCU showing since Endgame.

And with fans also quickly jumping on the fact that the director confirmed a while back that at least one character will die, you have to imagine that if this last Guardians hurrah doesn't come equipped with a heartbreaking sacrifice or other form of powerful death for a Guardian at some point, many will find themselves morbidly underwhelmed by a film that feels like its been in development for a lifetime.

All in all, though, even if Gunn decides against killing off a feature Guardians player, the bare minimum fans will be expecting out of a creator who has simply never missed with this ragtag bunch of misfits is for the OG unit to be given the sort of hilarious and moving farewell they all most definitely deserve.


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