10 Upcoming Movies That Will Fail If They Don’t Do THIS

Hell hath no fury like a DCEU fan scorned, Dwayne. Be warned...

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It's safe to say that 2022 has been something of a return to form for all things cinema on the back of a global pandemic also being responsible for utterly drying out the big-screen experience for a spell.

Yet, for every undoubted box office and critical smash in the form of a Top Gun: Maverick, there were also a number of highly anticipated entries that didn't quite deliver the goods when all was said and done. But had said films absolutely nailed one particular element excited fans had been angling to see in the lead-up, perhaps all would've been forgiven...

For example, had Jurassic World Dominion opted to actually double-down on the premise the prior film teased of a feature jam-packed with humans and dinos trying to co-exist in the real-world, there's as strong chance many would've forgiven the prehistoric picture's odd locust detour.

So, with that in mind, it's time to look ahead to those incoming projects that literally have ONE job. And if they manage to somehow not unleash the following elements, developments, or jaw-dropping moments on their audience, expect a deluge of disappointment to entirely drown any hope of said movie being celebrated for decades to come.

10. Focus More On This Corner Of Their Universe - Kraven The Hunter

Black Adam
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At a glance, the evidence seems to suggest that Sony's Spider-Man Universe is going largely to plan at this current moment in time, with the first two so-so Venom flicks making a boatload of money and even Morbius somehow managing to become an unexpected meme hit.

However, the biggest criticism fired that last entry's way acts as a lesson that Sony would be wise not to ignore during the production of their next batch of Spider spin-off endeavours.

In tacking on a limp set of end-credits scenes depicting the MCU's Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) bizarrely teaming with the titular vampire (Jared Leto) late on, Sony's need to connect their universe with the Marvel Studios section of the super-sphere ultimately felt entirely unearned and desperate.

Sure, Tom Hardy's showings as the iconic symbiote didn't change the game by any means. But it did at least feel as though both stories were dedicated more to effectively establishing Eddie Brock and his immediate surroundings/dilemmas than latching onto Kevin Feige's sprawling franchise; even Let There Be Carnage's MCU-linking end-credits scene felt like it added more intrigue to the hulking alien's connection to Spidey.

And with Sony now pushing back Kraven the Hunter's release nearly ten months to October 2023, here's hoping that time is spent further fleshing out Aaron Taylor-Johnson's "animal lover" and not figuring out a way to squeeze him through a multiversal portal.


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