10 Upcoming Movies With GENIUS Concepts

It doesn't get much more creative than this.

20th Century Studios

As much as many might claim that originality is dead in Hollywood, these 10 movies absolutely make an argument to the contrary.

Though it's fair to say that the majority of films are indeed cut from a familiar genre cloth, every so often a filmmaker emerges with an inspired premise that immediately gets everyone excited and talking.

But execution is key, of course, as a neat idea or even a great script is no guarantee of an entertaining movie.

Even so, with their delightfully ridiculous, insanely clever, and downright WTF concepts, these films all have the potential to be some of the most divertingly, dementedly enjoyable movies of the next year.

From inventive remixes of well-worn premises to those rarest of film plots actually like nothing we've ever heard before, to one that literally sees a certain A-list movie star propelling himself into space for our entertainment, these 10 movies all boast concepts that are sheer, unmitigated genius.

Now, cross your fingers that the end result lives up to all that promise...


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