10 Upcoming Movies With Insane Concepts

Harry's post-Hogwarts days haven't gone quite as well as he'd hoped...

Madman Films

Considering a lot of the mediocrity that's churned out by Hollywood these days, it's easy to forget that nobody sets out to make a bad movie, and that somewhere along the line, every film ever produced begins life with a small group of individuals who are passionate about an idea.

That being said, it's sometimes hard to see why a movie got greenlit off the core idea alone ("Let's spend nearly $200 million on a Doctor Dolittle reboot! What could go wrong?") but elsewhere, there are some premises that sound so cool or insane on paper that it would've been foolish to not give them a go.

Looking ahead, there are a whole crop of movies that fit this bill, projects with bonkers or unique-sounding concepts that can be described in a single sentence and will immediately grab your attention, from time-twisting sci-fi actioners to some disturbing and brutal horror scenarios.

We're not saying these movies will join the ranks of some of the all-time-great concept-driven films like The Sixth Sense and Groundhog Day, but the general stories and ideas they're playing with means that they should definitely, at least, be on your radar.

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