10 Upcoming Movies With TERRIBLE CGI

The horror, the horror.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Warner Bros.

Whether you believe it or not, visual effects are in basically every single new movie you watch.

Even the smallest films will often employ CGI for minor visual touch-ups you'll never even think about, all the way up to the biggest mega-budget tentpoles which want you to salivate over the creativity of their lavish effects-driven action sequences.

But not all CGI is created equal of course, and for as a wonderful a tool as it can be in the right hands, it often ends up proving more of an awkward distraction than anything.

This can occur for one of many reasons, with rushed production deadlines, unreasonable expectations, and cost-cutting from studios cited as the most common, enough that VFX artists are slowly beginning to unionise. Good on them.

Yet for the majority of viewers unconcerned with the business side of the film industry, bad CGI is bad CGI at the end of the day, and looking forward to these upcoming movies, each of them looks set to unleash some truly gaudy effects upon audiences.

Things can always be fixed up prior to release, but let's be honest, how often does that really happen? Brace yourselves...

10. Argylle

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Apple TV+

Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn's new spy romp Argylle looks like a ton of fun, if you can forgive the absolute eyesore that is that digital feline.

The meta espionage caper sees spy novelist Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) dragged into a real spy plot along with her cat Alfie.

Though a real cat was used for some shots, the bulk of its appearances in the movie's trailer are of the digital variety, and hoo boy, they don't look good at all.

There's an overwhelming cartoonishness to the cat's digital likeness which evokes the vibe of a dozen terrible talking animal movies, culminating in that climactic trailer shot of the kitty being flung into the air towards the camera.

Now, nobody is going to lobby for a real cat being thrown around like that, but even movies released over a decade ago have pulled off more convincingly photoreal CGI animals than this.

That the cat's based on the real-life pet of Vaughn's wife, Claudia Schiffer, makes its lack of verisimilitude that much more peculiar.

For a film that clearly cost a pretty penny, it's bizarre that this single VFX element looks so rough.

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